Night Hairstyles For Chubby Faces

Having a face with wide cheekbones or plump, is the great complex of many girls, whether they define themselves as women with curves or gorditas. There is always a way to look beautiful despite these characteristics, which should not embarrass you unless they are a problem for your health. But what really matters is how you can comb your hair at night.

Take a good look at all these examples and realize how flattering they are. Some hairstyles have fringe on the side or curtain, because they disguise the roundness of the face and emphasize the most favorable features.

If you do not want to wear a fringe, then try to cut your hair in layers and comb it lightly on the side. Light waves are another great trick to focus attention on your mane and balance the face. A wavy hair is always very sensual.

Do you want to add a modern detail to your night hairstyle? Try the technique of gradient dye, taking it clearer at the tips. It is another way to disguise the circular shape of the face.

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