Night Hairstyles For All The Girls

Hairstyles at night , we all love it but it is not always easy to decide on one, with all the trends that exist today. Collected, semi-collected, loose, with braids, waves, curls and others … the options with varied but not so simple choice.

And is that you also have to take into account the length of your hair, your complexion and of course, your personality, it is very important that you feel yourself and very comfortable with your hair.

Today we will take a look at the most fashionable night hairstyles and how you can wear them on different occasions, whether you have to go to a formal event or just need to get ready for a date with your partner or friends.

As always, Pinterest has been the best source of inspiration to find all those beautiful ideas.


The best thing to do is start with some simple but very original tendencies, which you can take to a party as well as a night out at any time. There are many tricks to give your hair a fantastic look without spending hours combing, or having to go with the hairdresser.

One of the most popular options are horsetails, to which you can give a great and carefree look with some of these tips: twisting the hair, leaving some strands to the sides to frame your face, making waves in it or a light card on the top that gives you volume.

Semi-collected or collected are another alternative that can be easily achieved. Simply using a few hairpins, a little lacquer and your hands to twist your strands and fix them as in the examples you see above.


Within the night hairstyles that are worn and will continue to be worn, the waves are your best friends when you want to wear a defined and very feminine hair.

You can incorporate it in hairstyles such as braids or ponytails, giving them a very original touch, or bet on the traditional and simply undulate your hair and show off in all its splendor.

The accessories are also important when you add texture to your hair. A beautiful headband or jewel will make a big difference if you want to look different from the others. They are also good when you do not want to just wear your hair down.

Another of the most popular and vintage trends to date, are the Hollywood waves in the purest style of the 20s. Combining all your hair sideways and making “waves to the water”.


The most common thing when girls get a good hairstyle, is that before they align or curl their hair to give it a perfect texture. However, the curls can also look wonderful with many styles for the night.

Whether you make a bun or pick up your hair on the sides, twisting it or holding it with hairpins, you can let your curls become the main focus of your look.

But even a curly and loose mane looks good, as long as it is well cared for. If you have your hair in this way, the best thing you can do is to choose a good cut and hydrate it daily not only with your conditioner, but also with a quality cream bath.

Look at the routine for curly hair that a friend vlogger proposes in this tutorial for curls .


Braids can never be missing if we talk about looking great hair. They arrived a long time ago and they will definitely stay, because there is no more comfortable and great way to wear the hair.

how to make hairstyles at night with braids. In addition to the typical French or spiky braids, you can improvise a lot of ways to make them look different and great. Incorporate them in a classic ponytail or on the top of your head, make a crown or headband with them.

If you want to consult more ideas, better check these ideas to comb with braids that will make you love that style.

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