5 Simple Styling Ideas for Short Hair

Many women are reluctant to use a short hair style because they believe that the options to comb it in different ways are few, but it does not have to be that way. While it is true that long hair allows you to play more with styles and textures, having short hair is not an obstacle to make different hairstyles.

Having short hair does not have to be boring, we have compiled 5 ideas of fast and easy hairstyles that you can do yourself.

Is that there are so many short hairstyles that can be used, that every season we see how different short hairstyles impose the guideline in the changes of look. All of short hair ideas elegant and chic.

You can follow step by step to give variety to your style and look elegant in a few minutes.

5 Simple Styling Ideas for Short Hair

1- Roll some hair to each side and cross the two parts back with the help of a hairpins.

2- Make a braid on each side of your hair and carry them back. Join the two braids in the back of your hair and hold both parts, then collect all the remaining hair and make a tail in the lower part of the neck

3- Give a little volume to the front of your hair and collect it in a high bun rolled up leaving the rest of the hair loose

4- Use a ribbon or rubber of the same color as your hair and then wind your hair inwards following the marked line of the headband, leaving some loose and wavy to give a more natural look

5- Make a braid on each side of the hair from the root and attach with hairpins the same color as your hair so that it is a more natural finish

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