10 Hairstyles With Easy and Beautiful Braids

The braids can give you a casual look but you can also make beautiful and elegant hairstyles with them.

Braids in the shape of a headband or crown, combined with pigtails, braids for formal or informal collections, braids in the shape of a spike, French or root braids …

We prepared an article for you about braided hair that suits all women.

Some tricks to make braids and that lasts the hairstyle:
– Before doing the braids, brush and untangle your hair well, then apply your favorite serum.
– Before doing the braid if you have very straight hair and freshly washed dry shampoo to give it texture.
– Divide your hair before you start if you are going to make several braids.
– Use mini transparent gummies to hide them and not to be seen.
– Apply some lacquer on your hands before making the braid.
– Apply dry shampoo or lacquer on the forks so they do not slip.

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